The story of
humans at work

Beyond Work is driven by a simple purpose, to unearth the working lives of people whose jobs are often invisible, and for the stories that come out to inspire us all to make the world of work a respectful, humane and kind place that rewards people with more than money. 

Beyond Work tells stories about humans at work, with no judgement or glorification. It's an attempt at unearthing the social, cultural and functional world of work, that’s become invisible in everyday life.

This work is about looking at and observing everyday life, and in turn inspiring people to be more aware and sensitive to the needs of humans at work.

Alarm clocks primed

These are stories about the kind of work you might see at 5am on a cold November morning when nearly everyone else is tucked up in bed sleeping, alarm clocks primed. There is a lot to learn about a person by shadowing them at work, and even more by observing them as they transition from home to work and back again.

From these observations and stories, the hope is that the people that manage, create or have influence over our workplaces will think about people not as a resource to include in a profit and productivity calculation, but as daughters, dads, sisters, friends and above all else humans with needs way beyond money.

Art offers us a best immediate move for remedying at least a part of the problem of the gap between money and human value. The goal of art is to increase the amount of dense and accurate information about people’s jobs – so that we can stop using mere wages as our measuring rods. Once we get to know people well, in art or otherwise, the state of their bank balance will invariably decline – and what they are really bringing to the task starts to emerge, along with a fairer way of distributing honour.
— The School Of Life