Looking for workers to take part

I'm currently looking for all sorts of people to document. If you know of someone that does the following, please get in touch.

Tube driver, Taxi driver, State school teacher, Someone that works in utilities (Gas, Electricity, Nuclear, Water), Supermarket worker, Removals, Train engineer, Stuntman, Farmworker, Shepherd, Private school teacher, Chimney sweep, Delivery driver, Newspaper boy/girl, Waiter, Theatre Technician, Plastics factory worker, Alarm engineer, Roadie, Public Speaker, Researcher, Samaritan volunteer, WeWork user, Activist, Carer (paid or unpaid).

I pick workers based on a few different criteria. I'm interested in people that haven't taken traditional pathways into what they do. I'm more interested in the person behind the job, why they do it and how they ended up there, rather than the company, the job title and how the work is done. If you are a company interested in documenting working life, I have a business that focuses on that.

I'd expect to spend around 1 hour interviewing you, asking you to talk about your current work and how you arrived at this place in time. I'd then need to spend time at your place of work and some time at your home photographing you and your surroundings. This is a loose plan and will be slightly different for each person.

If you are worried about your company allowing access for me to photograph you, I will help you with this. I place a great emphasis on respecting each participant, and you will be involved in the final sign off process before any images or interview are shared publicly.

The photographs will be used on this website, Instagram and in zines featuring each person. They will form part of a longer term project and will be used in prints, books or exhibitions in the future. If you take part, you will receive a copy of the zine and a print of one of the photographs I've taken during our time together.

If you'd like to find out about taking part, please email me.