Some questions around work


How do we end up doing what we’re doing?

How do we define work

How does work fit in with the rest of our lives?

Is work something we do or is it something we are?

How do we make work more fulfilling?

Is it important to love what we do?

What happens if and when the robots take over?

Will work ever be equal for men and women?

Do we have any choice over what we do for work?

What's a hobby and what's a side project?


Does purpose at work matter?

Does money make us work harder?

What's it like to have no security in a job, or to work for 40 years in a job just for money?

What's it like to be jobless or workless and is being out of work lazy?

What's the opposite of work?

Is being a parent work?

Is work good or bad?

Are you optimistic about your work?