I wanted to change that with my camera

Really annoyed to have missed the Marilyn Stafford Miniclick talk last night. Sounds like it was an inspiring talk, I particularly liked this line-

“When I was young I looked around and didn’t like what was happening in the world.. I wanted to change that with my camera...”

— Marilyn Stafford

It's how I feel about this project, but, I know it's a long way off achieving anything as grand as fixing the things I don't like seeing happening in the world. Everybody's got to start somewhere though.

A certain kind of truth

Bill Jay

I love those phrases, “a certain kind of truth,” “a particular kind of objectivity.” They imply that there is a not-knowing which is valuable.


David Hurn 

One of my teachers was the philosopher-poet-artist Michel Butor who once told me that truth was like a photograph in which thousands of different shades from black to white, and including both extremes, were necessary for full revelation. But, of course, most people in this day and age insist the truth is black, or white, and deny the beauty of the whole.

From On being a photographer